Matecumbe Memorial Gardens

A Resting Place for the Cremains of Loved Ones

Located on the grounds of the Matecumbe United Methodist Church, adjacent to the Historic Hurricane Monument which houses the remains of loved ones lost in the Great Hurricane of 1935.  The Matecumbe Memorial Gardens is for the entire community. You do not need to be a Methodist nor a member of the Matecumbe United Methodist Church to reserve a place in the Gardens.

Matecumbe Memorial Gardens

The word columbarium derives from the Latin word columbary which is a structure provided for the nesting of doves — a dove-cote. The related word columbarium refers to a burial vault for the containment of urns holding cremated human remains.  It is an old term and an old tradition used for centuries in the world.

A Columbarium is a place to congregate with a lovely, quiet garden setting where a waterfall and bubbling fountain create the perfect setting. The Garden will provide an area of comfort and reflection.

Cremation is an ancient practice that has particular relevance to us today. Cremation is widely recognized as a theologically valid process for the deceased.  It essentially becomes the hastening of the natural process that occurs following death.

Spreading of Ashes & Memory Wall
You may choose to have all, some or none of the ashes interred. Here in the Florida Keys, many people have their ashes spread at sea or in their favorite backcountry fishing spot.

The Memory Wall is a section of the Columbarium for those who do not wish to have ashes interred. A plaque will honor their loved ones in a quiet garden setting.

Each niche will house the cremains of two family members. Each name will be inscribed on a granite face plate with dates of birth and death. At the time of the second death, the original plate will be removed and a new one inscribed showing both names.  The cremains will be placed in an urn that is then placed in the individual double-capacity niche.  The price includes perpetual care for the garden area.

All niches are made with the most durable material available. The are impervious to salt corrosion, oxidation or other kinds of decay. The niches are encased in a reinforced concrete structure that far exceeds the rigorous construction requirements of the Village of Islamorada, Florida, and faced with native coral rock to blend with the church’s facade. Each niche is sealed with a granite nameplate for those interred.

Memorial Service
There are several option available to those choosing Columbarium Internment. You may elect to hold a memorial service at Matecumbe United Methodist Church following cremation or you may wish to have services at another church, the funeral home or at sea. Alternatively, the Memorial Service may be held at a later time when arrangements can be made for the desired gathering of family and friends.  The presence of the urn containing the ashes at the service is a personal choice.


Niches: The price for a two-person niche is $3000. This can be paid at one time or on a time payment plan.

Memory Wall Plaques: With no ashes interred the price is $500 per plaque.

For more information, to make niche or memory wall selections, or to discuss pricing plans, please contact:
Matecumbe United Methodist Church: 305-664-3661
Donna Cockerham: 305-664-2636
Jim Winstel: 305-431-7399